May 6, 2008

Hello. Is It Me You’re Looking For?

It's a good thing my publisher opted against putting my author photo anywhere on my book, because it's already being splashed across the internet so ubiquitously, you'll be sick of looking at me by the time Frenemies actually comes out (ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! MAY 13! WOO HOO!).

I’m not exaggerating. Here I am, smiling oh-so-mysteriously, as Harmony Book Reviews' AUTHOR OF THE MONTH! Want more of me? Well then click on over to The Compulsive Reader, where I'm guest blogging today.

What? That’s not enough? Well, hang in there. I’m sure there will be more of me for you tomorrow. And the next day…and perhaps every day…for the rest. Of. Your. Life! MUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA. Yes, I’ve had too much coffee today. It happens—especially when on deadline, and when listening to this:


PS: I’m so creeped out by that Lionel Richie video. I mean, he’s a super nice guy…so why is he stalking that poor blind girl? (I guess she winds up being creepy too. But still...CREE-PY.)

PPS: Many thanks to Emily Renninger—the wonderful friend and photographer who took my author photo. Hopefully we’ll get you a real photo credit on the next book. Maybe?