March 3, 2009

Happy Australian Release Week To FRENEMIES!

A few weeks ago I announced that FRENEMIES had just come out in Australia...but then it turned out I had my dates messed up. (See, here in America, a release date of 2-3 means February 3...but in Australia it means the SECOND of MARCH. Duh!) I guess I just got a little excited when I saw the lovely cover on Adele/Persnickety Snark's blog so far ahead of the official release.

Since then (and since this fab review), I've been corresponding quite a bit with my new ABFF (Australian BFF) Adele...and NOW? She actually started doing a bit of FRENEMIES-spotting and sent pics to boot. How cool is that? So here, for your viewing pleasure, I present Adele's very special Frenemies photo essay.

On the Borders Teen Section's "New Arrival/Notable" table in Adelaide City Centre, Rundle Mall, and on the shelves!

In all its face-out glory at Dymocks, Adelaide City!

A picture of the pig sculptures in the City mall, just because,
as Adele says, they are "fabulous!"

HUGE thanks to Adele and, hey, if you live in Australia...go get yourself a copy of FRENEMIES, OZ-style. (Which, truth told, isn't all that different from FRENEMIES, AMERICAN-style, save for the cover. I was actually pretty excited to see that they left the text as-is...I guess I just have the kind of incredibly international voice that can be understood universally. Or something.)