March 29, 2009

Man Love!

A couple weeks ago, I went off on a bit of a male-bashing rampage. But since I'm, I mean, like, um…since I consider myself something of a Taoist and strive for balance in everything I do (whew! Nice save, Alexa-1!), I'm going to devote this post to some of my latest and greatest (and kind of surprising) man-crushes. I hope they will continue to rock my world (see #3). If they don’t, I’ll just have to revisit this post and edit it at a later date. (Don’t do that, Alexa-2! You know you won’t! Shut up, Alexa-1, you never know what I’ll do…). Um, okay then. Let’s get this party started:

1. Justin Timberlake. I’m not ashamed to admit I was always an *NSYNC fan ("Bye Bye Bye," anyone? Such a great song), but I wasn't always convinced J.T. was worthy of the levels of teenieness, stalkerdom and all-out fangirlobsession he often incited. But now, after seeing some clips from his recent chat with Oprah, checking out the many hilarious SNL sketches (see below), and sweating my BUTT off to sped-up versions of his already booty-quaking dancetastic songs…I’m freaking sold, man.

2. Ashton Kutcher. I never watched “That Seventies Show.” I don’t think “Punk’d” did much to sell me on his talents. I sort of became mildly interested when he married Demi (the woman is kind of awesome, right? I’ve had a bit of a crush on her ever since St. Elmo’s Fire—OMG! Must get that one on DVD). But then I saw him late last year on Real Time With Bill Maher and realized…holy crap! Ashton has a serious mind to go with the rest of the, um, pretty-boy package. Right? Or am I just not that bright, so everyone seems smart to me?

3. Bret Michaels (yes, it’s BRET with one “t” and I know this because I love him). Sure, the skanks are all over him. And what does that say about me? I don’t care. I’m officially obsessed with Rock of Love Bus (thanks to YA author Paula Yoo) and I actually have to give this guy props for his occasionally self-deprecating sense of humor (thanks to Paula, too, for this amazing Chelsea Handler interview link) and all-out honesty (at least, what I think is honesty) about who he is and what he wants. I hope and THINK he will continue to rock my world…no matter how bad the guyliner, extensions and all the rest. He’s cool!

4. The boys of American Idol. I confess, I always (okay, usually...sorry, Justin) fall for them. But this season, the guys are easily kicking the girls' asses and one of them is definitely going to win. No, I’m not into Scott-the-sympathy-vote-blind-guy. (I know. I'm going to hell for that one. But c'mon! As sweet as he is, and as great a pianist as he is…that voice isn’t anything special and he’s got NO PERSONALITY! I think he should just become, or continue to be, a Claymate and be done with it.) And as much as Anoop-Dog seems like a nice guy and has a decent voice, he bugs the crap out of me (odd stage presence) and is so in need of a makeover (the hair…the weird Members Only-esque style! It’s all just wrong, generic and awful. Please go away, Anoop). So who do I love? Let’s see…

4a. MATT GIRAUD Are you surprised? Hello. He’s totally like J.T. (see above). And while I realize I'm not the first to say that, I believe I'm one of the first to substantiate it with serious photojournalistic awesomeness. (See below.) In all honesty, he boy has got mad white-boy soul and just seems so nice and cool. My only question: What’s up with that bump on his forehead that keeps appearing and disappearing?
J.T. and M.G. Can you tell the difference?

4b. KRIS ALLEN Okay. Simply adorable. Great stage presence and confidence (as much as I usually agree with Simon, I have to say I think Kris is way more self-assured than Mr. Cowell alleges…it’s just subtle, quiet, and completely HOT). Know who he kind of reminds me of? John Mayer (who really needs to stop being such a tool)-meets-Jeremy Sisto (back in the Clueless days). See:

Am I right or am I right?

Okay, so I also like Danny Gokey (soulful! Sassy!) and Adam Lambert (the Motown show was beyond amazing and really sold me on him)...but I’m too tired to find pics of them and elaborate beyond that. So, I shall simply leave you with this: GO MEN! GO! Even women who occasionally seem to hate you will occasionally admit we love you--sometimes even more than words can say. (As evidenced by how happy I was to see my hubby and son today after nearly three days without them!)



Thao said...

I love JT, even though I wish he could stop dating random celebs and came back to Brit lol.

And I agree, Kris is simply adorable. I love him on stage, always makes me feel warm and happy inside ^^

Keri Mikulski said...

Okay, I'll admit it. Finally, I'm getting this secret off my chest. Only my very closest friends know...

I'm obsessed with Brett Michaels.. I have to know what girl will snag him. And I've seen every single episode of Rock of Love.. :) Mindy will win this time and he will stay with her and not stray. I can feel it. :)

Nicole B. said...


Nice choice, Alexa. :3


Ha, Nicole...why does that not surprise me (you Broadway-obsessed maniac!)? I think he might just take the win, too. xoxo

Melissa Walker said...

Oh, Adam somehow takes it to another level for me. He walks that thin line between outrageously bad and freaking fantastic.

And JT, YES!!! I loved him on Oprah and this clip is essential viewing. I love SINGLE LADIES too much. It's weird. I cannot not move when it's playing.

taylormorris said...

ALEXA. Are you telling me that, all this time, we could have been talking about Rock of Love and how I mourn the loss of Ashley?! LAME!