May 23, 2009


I received the most fantastique email from my French translator, Jean-Noël Chatain, this morning. It included the GORGEOUS new cover for the French version of FAKETASTIC (A La Vie A La Mode, out June 11), and some equally beautiful news regarding sales of the French version of FRENEMIES (Meilleures Ennemies). I’m talking très grand, mes amis.

So really, I just have one question for my beloved translator: How do you say “I am so effing stoked” in French?



Bookworm said...

Ohmygoodness I love it, Alexa! The overseas covers are always so much cuter! I'm especially loving the "I Love Wade" dress that Avalon's boasting. Super-cute!

Jean-Noël said...

I guess you could say:

- Je suis aux anges !

- Je suis sur un petit nuage !

(yet both versions sound a bit like "I'm in heaven" or "I'm walkin' in the air"... a bit too Jane-Austen-cuppa tea & sympathy, if I may say ;-)

A more contemporary way of saying it in 2009 street French would sound like:

- Putain, (c'est) trop génial !

- Putain, (c'est) le pied !

- Putain, (c'est) trop mortel !

- Putain, ça me fout une pêche d'enfer ! (maybe the closest translation)

Originally "putain" means "whore" and may be considered quite rude by uptight middle-class people, even though anybody may use it for swearing as well as "merde" (crap/dammit/fuck).

I've been told that FUCK originally stood for the acronym of "Fornication Under Control of the King"... I really dunno if it's true.



sharigreen said...

Love the cover! I'm so glad this series is doing well for you in France. :)

Liviania said...

I need to move to France so that I can read that edition. Way cute.