October 5, 2009

Hallo, Deutschland! And Dutch-Land!

FRENEMIES is now available in Germany (TITLE: Beste Freundin für immer. Wer ist die Coolste im ganzen Land?). Check out the über-adorable cover! Das ist cool, nein?

Sprechen Sie Deutsches? (I don't, sadly.) Then visit the Random House-Bertelsmann FRENEMIES page here, and you can flip through the first 25 pages of the book.

FRENEMIES will also come out in the Netherlands on Monday, 12 Oktober (that's how they spell it there :). (TITLE: Beste vriendinnen, ergste vijanden) I LOVE THIS COVER TOO!
How much fun is this? I'm feeling so very international. And like a beer. (Drinking one, that is.)