December 8, 2009

Persnickety Snark: This Time It's Personal!

I was supposed to be writing FABOTAGE for the past two hours—but I wrote a chapter (a full 1200 words) in one hour, and figured I should be allowed to take a break. Right? RIGHT?

So, here's what I've been thinking about and what I'd like to do—hopefully with a bit of support from the YA writing and blogging world at large. You see, since I began my own teen fiction journey, I've met loads of amazing people—from my editors to my fellow authors to the readers to the bloggers. These relationships, like many, start off hot-and-heavy and sort of fizzle out after a while. Sometimes they get ugly. But sometimes they stand the test of time and completely transcend the books (or reviews) we were originally obsessing over. That's how things have gone between me and Persnickety Snark (AKA @snarkywench, AKA Adele).

To catch you up, Adele was the first person to bring my own book to my attention when it came out in Australia, via this review (notice I’m the only person who commented on that review? Sigh. Whatever, people!). I immediately contacted her to thank her, and the love just blossomed. We've exchanged so much since then—not just emails but actual (gasp!) hand-written letters, and books (not hand-written ones, though ;-). She even sent a cape to my son (which he will be able to wear when he grows another 3 feet or so...but hey, how amazing is that?!). Anyway (I do go on, don't I?)...if you don't know of Adele or her blog, please go visit her. If you are familiar with her (or if you just became familiar with her), then you probably know she recently underwent surgery and is recovering in hospital.

This (finally!) brings me to my reason for posting: I would like to do something to let Adele know how much I'm thinking of her (beyond this blog post, I guess! :)—and am hoping there are lots of other bloggers and writers out there who would like to join me. FYI, this does not involve flowers or any sort of pressie that will be gone in a few days or weeks...this involves donating to a charitable cause (specifically: Heifer!) in Adele's name because I adore her and think that's the sort of thing she would like to have done on her behalf. (And because sometimes I try to be conscious of a world outside of my own egomaniacal one.)

SO...! Please email me here if you're interested in donating a bit to the cause ($1, $5...whatever you can afford), and I'll fill you in on the details and include you on the well-wishes card to Adele. Please contact me no later than Friday, as I'd like to get this out by the weekend.

Either way, I also want to thank all the readers and bloggers and writers out there—once again—for being such fantastically supportive and lovely people. This is a community I truly cherish.



Melissa Walker said...

I'm in (I card signed and amazoned, but I'm in for Heifer too, just let me know howto).

xo, M

PS-Awesome to know you for real and in person now. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

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