January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, and Frenemies Movie Day, to Me!

Yes, today is the big day. Well, it's a big day in a couple ways: First, it's my 30th birthday--again! (I've never actually lied about which birthday it is, so I guess this is a sure sign that I'm finally really old.) Also, tonight is the premiere of the movie for which you've all been waiting such a very long time. Yes, it's the made-for-TV-movie that will change the course of history, and all of our lives. That's right, people: FRENEMIES, the movie, premieres on The Disney Channel tonight. Don't believe me? Then check out these articles and videos. (Okay, so none of them mention that the movie is based on a series by Alexa Young, but, um, watch the movie and you should see that mentioned in the credits!)

And there you have it. Let me know what you think of the movie after you watch it...and I'll do the same!



Annika said...

Happy Birthday to you! And Happy Frenemies Day to everyone!

Neha said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

I will try to get that movie here. :)

Noémie said...

Happy Birthday!

Noémie said...

I just finished reading the Frenemies collection. What's next?

Kim said...

If I missed the movie, will I have the chance to see it?